Weller 12 Year

Email Opt-in Official Rules


One 750ml bottle of Weller 12 Year Bourbon Whiskey sold for $45 plus 8% tax and a $20 shipping fee to one person who qualifies.  MUST be over 21 years old to sign up.  We ask for DOB on the sign up form and require an ID upload before purchase.  You must live in a state where we can legally ship to, or make arrangements for shipment in correlation to our FedEx contract.  Please be willing to pay $45 USDA + 8% sales tax + $20 shipping to participate in this promotion.  Shipping within COTUS only - sorry Canada.  We love you Canada, but just can't right now.....

It is highly suggested that participants do the following:

1. Follow @trwslpny and/or @trwinespirits on Instagram and/or TikTok and/or Like our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/terryrobardswines) and/or leave us a review and/or ALL of the above!

(To be honest, this is really "optional" considering you are already at our website and have probably done 1 or more of the qualifications.  Thanks for sharing!

2. Sign up with your email by filling in the form above.  You may enter one time per day through Sunday, June 26th at 6PM.  

**Filling in the form is the ONLY way to enter!!!!!

This is an entirely separate promotion from before, so YES you must email opt-in above to qualify - you are NOT automatically entered if we already have your email address.  Please refer to our shipping policy for further questions.  We reserve the right to refuse sale to unqualified participants.  This promotion will follow all the rules and regulations of the NYSLA.

As before, we will export names into a massive spreadsheet and a random number generator will determine the corresponding line on the spreadsheet to verify a contact entry.  This person has the first option to purchase the bottle if/when they meet all qualifications.  The purchaser will be determined LIVE on Instagram & TikTok on Monday, June 27th around 10AM.

***This contest is not associated with Facebook, Instagram or TikTok - the winner(s) must meet ALL qualifications to purchase each bottle. This “contest” is FREE to enter but you must be over 21 years old and live in a state where we can legally ship to.  We will strictly follow ALL rules and regulations of the NYSLA regarding this promotion****

Good Luck