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A new month brings a chance for change! 

There has been careful number crunching (and a lot of soul searching) before presenting this important update - we always strive to be transparent & consistent!

**Please read below for important changes to our in-store discount policies, effective May 1st.**

***If you don't want to read below, just know our discounts ARE NOT going away ~ We are only adjusting the extended pricing structure to reflect a more accurate industry standard for pricing markups**

Here's a brief history of our discount Program:

February 2012: 

TRW&S moved from Main Street to our current location in Placid Pond. To incentivize our locals for this transition, we implemented a 10% wine discount for locals of the tri-lakes region. 

2012 to 2020: 

The local discount program is a contributing factor in the growth of TRW&S! We extended this discount to our part-time locals, Summer residents and basically anyone who came in for a great interaction!  After 8 years at Placid Pond, we continued to run sales from a stand-alone cash register and used LOTS of hand written inventory.

March 16th, 2020 to April, 2021:

While the world was in chaos with the COVID-19 Pandemic, liquor stores across the country were experiencing a surge in business!  We continued to honor the 10% wine discount and added a “6PM Sticker Price Special” (7.4% discount) for all of the liquor purchases after 6pm.  This 7.4% discount helped us attract a new crowd, including those who branched out into the world of at-home mixology!

2021 to April 30th 2023:

With the growth of TRW&S and the population boom in Lake Placid post-Covid, we invested in an inventory software point-of-sale system and LOTS of new products!  The necessary upgrade aided us in the cost/pricing of “industry standards” for wine and spirits, while tracking important factors which contribute to the success of many similar businesses!  However, the 10% wine discount for “Locals” was a fine line that was continuously blurred for all of our Staff, locals and visitors…..

An easy solution (at the time) was to blanket sales with a 10% discount on all wine purchases.  For fun, we also included a full time 7.4% “Sticker Price Special” on all liquor purchases to compliment the wine discount…..which brings us to today!

May 2023:

Wholesale distribution costs have been steadily rising for the past year+.  We've done our very best to keep our prices competitive ~ increasing our purchasing power, utilizing special order requests and offering discounts, just to name a few.  However, the time has come to prepare for the future and the busy Summer ahead.

Price increases will mainly affect our liquor selection, adjusting our extended price, while including tax and a continued discount. We are confident that TRW&S will remain the most affordable wine/spirit selection in the area and we will gladly price match any competition!


**Price increases will NOT affect our online selection** 

Most price adjustments will be made upon re-order of specific products while we continue our SPRING CLEANING Sale ~ customizing and increasing prices only when absolutely necessary.  Please trust that there IS a unique strategy to this business approach!

**There WILL NOT be ANY charge for using Credit Cards**

This was an option, but we stand by our business model of fully funding our monthly credit card fees and NOT charging the customer. This is just a small price of doing proper business!

We are definitely not your everyday kind of liquor store and we will continue to do our very best to take care of our locals and visitors!  We feel confident moving forward and sincerely appreciate all your support and understanding during this transition!

Thank You


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