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Smoke Wagon Experimental Rye
Barrel Char Code D
Bottle 18/649
59.10% abv

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Terry Robards Wines & Spirits

terry robards wines.jpg

Terry Robards Wines and Spirits, 2047 Saranac Avenue in Lake Placid, NY, was founded in 1988, by pioneer wine writer - Terry Robards.  His business motto has been, and still remains,  “The Best Customer is an Educated Customer.”


   Wine knowledge has been at the forefront of Terry Robards purpose in life.  While living in London as a Foreign Correspondent for the NY Times, he had the opportunity to travel the vineyards of Europe and learn from the world’s most prominent winemakers.  The result of that research was the publication of his first ground-breaking book, the NY Times Book of Wine.  


   Upon returning to the USA,  Robards broke ground as the first American author to cultivate the nation’s growing interest in wine.  In addition to a NYC radio show, The Topic is Wine, he became the NY Times wine critic.  As a magazine columnist he furthered his influence by writing for Bon Appetit, Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast.

   In 1988, Terry robards opened a retail store front on main street in Lake Placid.  after 24 years in business, the store moved to it's current location in the placid pond plaza ~ 2047 saranac avenue!  after a few short months "on the job" terry retired from the retail business, passing along his knowledge and expertise to his wife (Julie robards) and step-son(tim robinson).

TRW&S has been at Placid Pond since 2012 ~ specializing in fine wine and unique spirits!

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